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I’ve taught Yoga Since 2009 and set up Ellesmere Port Yoga in 2012, a lifelong dream of mine to bring Yoga to my home town.

I first discovered yoga in my mid teens, I fell in love immediately, I got everything I needed in a 1 hour session, my mind was focused, my body was challenged and I felt calm and relaxed with the effects lasting a good few days. Almost immediately it became more than a physical session the more I learnt the more I wanted. I tried many different styles, firstly Ashtanga, but finding it too difficult I moved onto another style which I discovered wasn’t challenging enough for me so I tried another, Iyengar yoga, I practised Iyengar for many years mostly because my teacher was so wonderful and it physically strengthened me.

Ashtanga though was my true destiny and once strong and flexible enough I found an Ashtanga Teacher that suited me. I’ve never looked back and i’ve never got bored. I love my Ashtanga practice, although the sequence is the same everyday how it feels and what it gives me is always unique to that particular practice, its incredible. I love how Ashtanga combines body mind and breath training, I love what it does to my body, I love how it changes the outcome of my day and I love how it makes me feel like I can deal with life’s stresses effectively because my mind is in a clear place and my body is relaxed.

Yoga has helped me in so many different ways throughout my life, from a stressful career and living an unhealthy lifestyle, through a pregnancy, becoming a mother and getting back into shape post birth to coping with single handedly raising a boy. I’ve experienced the benefits in many ways and for me yoga is the best lifestyle and I absolutely love this path I am on with the ability to share my experience and knowledge.

I want to provide people with the tools they require to change their lives, whether it be a clear mind free from stress or illness or a strong body with the aim of being fit and healthy or simply just more active. I believe yoga is for everyone and that each of us is capable of much more than they themselves realise. I like to bring out the best on people and show them their worth whilst bettering their health and well-being. What I love most about my time spent teaching is the blissful expression on peoples faces as they leave the shala and the life changin results of regular practice. A deep state of bliss is my aim for every person in every session.

As a teacher and Studio manager I’m committed to offering a great service, my personal practice is first and foremost kept up to date and strong and my teacher training is refreshed regularly, in turn what I offer is the best of my experience, knowledge and ability with my own personal touch on a strictly traditional practice.

I Love Yoga With Lyndsey

  • Lyndsey's classes combine fun with challenge and bliss. She blends different yoga techniques to give a varied weekly program. I started with Ashtanga primary series and now attend other classes too. Never been to a class that disappointed. Stephen Bristow

  • Never been to a class that disappointed.