Intro To Yoga

These sessions are usually run as 8 week course’s or 1/2 day workshops. They offer an opportunity to attend a new class where everyone is a beginner together, the 1 time where no one will be able to touch their toes and everyone will be aiming to develop their strength and flexibility.

These courses/workshops cover the basics of Ashtanga Yoga allowing you to learn enough to be able to attend  any beginner’s Ashtanga class and progress from there.

You can expect to become familiar with the set sequence of basic poses whilst strengthening and improving flexibility from top to toe.

Each class will end with a guided relaxation where all your hard work will cultivate into a damn good feeling.

I welcome you to contact me with any concerns, interests or for booking in to the Introduction to Yoga, consultations are available should you feel necessary. I hope to chat with you soon in respect to getting your yoga journey off to the best possible start.



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