New To Yoga


I was extremely nervous about attending my first yoga class, it took me 2 years to finally pluck up the courage, I was always intrigued and really wanted to attend a class but found it so intimidating. After my first session I wish i’d started sooner and every beginner I chat to says the same. For this reason I ensure Yoga With Lyndsey¬†is friendly and welcoming with all new starters well looked after.

Your first thoughts may be that you can’t touch your toes or you won’t be very good at yoga and the rest of the class will be better than you. In all honesty Yoga is non competitive, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else can do, you don’t have to touch your toes nor do you have to be great but you do have to practice. We all have strengths and limitations, with yoga we can modify the practice to suit the individuals needs and with regular practice we can improve and be the best possible version of ourselves.

10 tips for anyone new to yoga

  1. Ask questions, email with all your queries or concerns and get to know your teacher before you attend the class to allow yourself to be more comfortable and get the most out of your first session
  2. Don’t eat for at least 2 hours before a class and wait 30 minutes post practice to eat
  3. Drink plenty of water during the day of your class and try to avoid drinking during your practice unless you absolutely have to.
  4. Wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in, if your body is going to be stretched within an inch of its life your clothes need to stretch with it.
  5. Arrive early to give yourself time to relax and find a space you are comfortable in, most studios are busy these days and most people opt for the back row.
  6. Invest in your own yoga mat, studio ones will have been used multiple times by many people so your own is more hygienic plus you can practice at home.
  7. Respect your own limits, listen to your body only do what feels right for you and forget what everyone else can or can’t do.
  8. Try out all the different styles of yoga and find one that gives you all you need.
  9. Try a few teachers and find 1 you can relate to and speaks your language.
  10. Don’t take it too seriously, enjoy it, use all it offers to improve your life.

And if you have any questions please do feel free to email me at any time by using the form on our contact page here.

Warm Wishes

Lyndsey Stewart