What Is Yoga

The word Yoga comes from the sanskrit language meaning “to yoke” to bring together the body mind and breath.

Yoga has evolved over thousands years, originating in India, passed from teacher to teacher travelling first to the USA in the 70’s and reaching Europe and the UK shortly after. Its popularity has only recently become big in the UK with many various styles available. The original yoga’s being Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga.

The style you’ll find at Ellesmere Port Yoga will be mostly Ashtanga or Ashtanga preparation.

Ashtanga Yoga is flowing practice of a set series of poses where movement is synchronized with the breath. The steady cycle of inhales and exhales provides the practitioner with a calming mental focal point. Additionally, movement and Ujjayi (yogic breathing) together create internal heat which leads to purification of the body through increased circulation and sweating.

Every class will begin with sun salutations, followed by a standing sequence of poses, seated poses, back bends and inversions, finishing in a relaxation that leaves a truly blissed out state.

Benefits of yoga include a healthy detoxified body, strong toned flexible muscles, improved posture, better circulation, strengthened respiratory system, balanced hormonal system, stress control, relaxation and a focused mind.